In old wives' tales and nursery rhymes
The Inklings live and bide their time,
And when the bard shall sing no more,
The Inklings come to claim their lore...

Welcome to The Inkling's Quill, the home of a mysterious, mischievous race of book sprites whose existence is woven into reality by a magical quill. Whoever holds the honourable duty of writing the Inklings' story comes down to an ancient wager...

There is more to this blog than a single fairy tale, however. As you explore these pages, you will find samples of creative and journalistic writing, a portfolio of my work in media and tutoring, and a series of contemplations on art, music, literature and travel.

So whether you're looking for something new to read on your lunch break, or for a freelancer to help you with your media projects, or even for a language translator and/or tutor, there should be something within these pages that'll catch your eye.

Happy Reading!

And of course, watch out for the Inklings!

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